Integral in the ritual

1. Quarterly update points exchange gifts.
2. Can access the online integration gift exchange of the Oriental fisherman's wharf WeChat.
3. High-end VIP customized integrated conversion service (more than 200,000 members of the card can be converted into the corresponding amount of in-store gifts by 100:1)

Parking discount

Members can enjoy two hours of free parking discount only on the online buffet

Birthday discount 

Members can enjoy three times the number of points on their birthdays

Activity for members

Members will be entitled to participate in the Oriental fisherman's wharf at the exclusive activities and major events of the exclusive preferential rights, priority control, etc., the specific activity form and content can be found in the Oriental fisherman's wharf WeChat public number and website

Activity information priority notification

All kinds of theme activities, membership activities, and merchants promotion activities will be held by Oriental fisherman's wharf, and members will receive notifications from SMS, email or magazine publications.

Renting service

Members can enjoy free strollers and umbrellas on loan from Oriental fisherman's wharf(Required deposit).