Service Facilities

Consulting Center

Oriental fisherman's wharf, XXX layer, has a consultation center to provide you with comprehensive and detailed assistance. Regardless of any question or problem, professional friendly customer service personnel will answer your question warmly and help you to solve it properly.

Barrier-free Facilities

Oriental fisherman's wharf specifically for customers with special needs a series of humanized service facilities, including: disabled parking service, barrier-free elevators, barrier-free toilet, etc.

Electric Vehicle Charging

Oriental fisherman's wharf of the underground parking lot of the XX electric vehicle charging pile, including up to the standard of national common charging pile as well as the tesla electric vehicle charging. Add energy to the car and help the environment!


there are nearly 900 parking Spaces in the underground parking lot of Oriental fisherman's wharf, and you don't have to worry about finding a parking spot.

Maternal and Infant Room

Oriental fisherman's wharf for mother set the maternal and infant room, equipped with comfortable sofa here, child seats, wash one's hands pool, work station and complete facilities. For use, please borrow the key at the counseling center.