Description of the mall



Catering and boutique retail

A total construction area of 50000 square meters, the layers of 7 layers, the unique eye-catching, a fish lying posture overlooking the huangpu river, restaurants and boutique retail as the main function, as a connecting axis of each area, construction of catering, shopping, entertainment and other multi-functional business heaven and earth.

Children world gathers here, gourmet food, such as a variety of formats profusion, we invite many premium brands to join in, will be making multiple brands, in multiple formats, to meet more demand. More will work together a lot of popular brands, bring the commercial shopping experience that is different.



Office overview
Modern intelligent system grade a office

The total floor area is about 57863 square meters, 36 floors with a height of 161.4 meters. The tower 2-18 is a low area office, the tower 19-35 is high area administrative office district, 36 floors are high-end business banquet.

The Oriental fisherman’s wharf, the commanding heights of the east with unique inspiration from jumping fish and boat building, the building of its own, facade by prismatic glass curtain wall is concave and convex decorate, contains multiple material combination, this will be a whole area of incomparable landmark buildings, and is the first selection of project overlooking the river on both sides of the Taiwan observation deck. It stands on the huangpu river and can enjoy the multi-landscape view of the lujiazui business circle.

Building the introduction of schindler imported high-speed elevators, 24 hours security monitoring system, and USES the full low-e multiple forms of glass curtain wall system, as LOW as 0.021 surface emissivity, isolation and heat radiation, creating domestic masterpiece benchmarking.

In the lower zone set up the central air conditioning intelligent to adjust indoor temperature, high area use independent VRV mini central air conditioning and match with the latest technology PM2.5 filtering technology, effectively guarantee the air is fresh, power and comfortable office.

Detailed office facilities, equipped with 930 parking Spaces, standard, coffee, toilet, etc., are more shuttle bus service, 24-hour convenience stores, coffee bar and has 5.7 square meters, business convergence forms profusion, personality as powerful life.